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Are you looking for a new home for a specific reason? Maybe you have to change your residence with your entire family for professional reason, you start studying next semester, at last you want to live together with your life partner, or, or, or...

Have you perhaps used some other ways and means to find the property of your dreams? You browsed web sites and newspapers, but have become disillusioned after a short while since you could not find anything suitable, the price was too high or the description of the accommodation was unimaginable? You concluded: I just cannot find the right place!

This is the right moment to let professionals do the work!

We at Tannhäuser Tor Immobilien want to save you from the trouble of accommodation / home search! Sit back, relax and let us do what we do best: find your dream home!

Click on our Current Offers, maybe you will find the right accommodation or use the Search Form for getting in contact with us without any obligation.

We take your needs very seriously and look forward to your enquiry.


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