In Fulda, Germany lives a couple in their mid-forties, leading an exciting, eventful and beautiful life, both professionally and privately…

Both have studied and can look back on a number of successful, professional positions, several years abroad and in Germany.

When circumstances (family and children) allowed it, they have completed a demanding training in their dream jobs as real estate brokers.

During their education, both accumulated a wealth of life experience and as a result paid for it with one or the other grey hair and wrinkles on their faces.

The couple, that's us: the founders of Tannhäuser Tor Immobilien – Stefanie und Mathias Naumann. 



Mathias Naumann:

Dipl. Betriebswirt (UAS/major fields: marketing, accounting and logistics)

Stefanie Naumann:

Real estate agent, certified by EIA - Europäische Immobilien Akademie (European Real Estate Academy).

Born in Russia, lived and worked for many years in the United States. For the past 20 years living in Germany.


As our former appointments required frequent changes of residence, we had to face many challenges: Depending on stage of life, we had to find a new home and repeatedly deal with the complex side effects of a move (letting / selling old home; searching and renovating new home; managing relocation and and and…).

Therefore, we know your situation, fears, needs, expectations, dreams and ideas and know what we are talking about!